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July 31, 2017

Now perhaps more than ever, the fake news epidemic is on everyone's minds. With an all-out war between the mainstream media and largely-online, less traditional news outlets, the fight has escalated into the national political arena. Millions of news consumers who had once taken the accuracy of published stories for granted must now read with skepticism and decide for themselves what constitutes fake news.

Fake news, of course, takes many forms. Sure, there are the blatant lies and the obviously biased articles. But in the middle lies something potentially far more dangerous: seemingly-objective but selective reporting that gradually molds our minds to turn against a particular group or political party. Does that count as fake news? Mos...

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Justin, Justin, and Udai

Founders of NewsCracker

Hello! We are three young adults who hail from New York City and attended the same high school.

The epidemic of fake news became important to us during the 2016 presidential campaign, as more and more questionable stories about both candidates spread around social media. Through this website, our Twitter feed, and our browser extensions, we hope we can help Internet users think more critically about the news they digest online.

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